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Lapland Liverpool

Wondering what's included in your visit?

Let the magic begin! Enjoy up to three hours of festive fun and create memories that'll last a lifetime.


Passport Control

Seek out the magical passport control and meet the friendly helper elves. Every little human will receive a special passport, your ticket for a thrilling journey from Liverpool to Lapland!


A magical doorway has appeared deep in the enchanted woodlands! This wonderous entrance will whisk you away, big and little humans alike, from Liverpool straight to the heart of Lapland.


Santa's Grotto

Embark on a magical journey through the glistening Winter Walkway! Keep your eyes peeled, little explorers, because nestled amongst the snow-covered trees, you'll discover...

Santa's Cozy Cabin! Father Christmas himself awaits by the crackling fireplace, eager to hear all about your Christmas wishes. But first, he must check his trusty naughty and nice list...


Did you make the cut? If so, you're in luck! Father Christmas has a special reward for every good boy and girl on his list: Santa Bucks! These lahja (lah-yah), which means "gift" in Finnish, can be spent in his wondrous toy shop, overflowing with treasures to make your Christmas dreams come true!


Elf Academy

Welcome, new recruits! It's time to join Elf Academy! Your elf trainers, Astra and Aurora, are ready to help you prepare for the Elfen Exams, or maybe you'll be helping them?


Work together with your classmates and show how much you believe in the magic of Christmas. Your dedication will help Father Christmas spread joy throughout the world! Time to revise, the S.N.O.W's are notoriously tricky.


Skating & so much more..

Get ready for a day of endless fun!


After your magical visit with Father Christmas, the adventure continues!

Lace up your skates and glide across our glistening skating rink!

Browse our Festive selection of shops and restaurants.

Take a trip to Mr Toasty's Marshmallows where you can enjoy toasting your own Marshmallows over the firepit!

The possibilities are endless!


Mrs Claus' Kitchen

Mrs. Claus has a warm welcome waiting in her cozy kitchen!

Can you smell that delicious gingerbread fresh from the oven? She baked them just for Father Christmas, but there's decorating to be done!


Roll up your sleeves and help Mrs. Claus and her merry elves make Father Christmas's favorite treats extra special.

If you do a great job, maybe she'll let you have a taste!

North Pole Post Master.jpg

The postmaster awaits...

Have you written your letter to Santa? The North Pole Post Office is bustling with festive cheer, and the Postmaster awaits!


Step inside his wondrous cabin and grab a special Lapland Liverpool letterhead.


Pour your heart out, listing all your Christmas wishes in beautiful detail. Then, with a sprinkle of Christmas magic, pop your letter in the special post box, it's heading straight to the North Pole for Santa himself!



Oh no! Disaster in the Elf Workshop! Patch and Coggs are in a flurry of snowflakes – the toys aren't ready for Father Christmas's Christmas Eve journey! Can you lend a helping hand? Put your Elfish skills to the test, and together we'll save the day! If you do a fantastic job, you may even earn a special reward – a cuddly bear!*


*collect a new teddy each year

Magical window

Ready to join the Magic?

Step into a winter wonderland and create memories your family will cherish forever!


Lapland Liverpool is a unique Christmas experience filled with festive activities, heartwarming moments, and a sprinkle of North Pole magic.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable day! Tickets are selling fast and spaces are limited – we believe in small groups, big memories. That's why we limit the number of visitors each day, ensuring a personal and magical experience for every family.


Book your tickets now and create Christmas memories that will last a lifetime.


Make this Christmas the most magical of all time

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