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A Sneak Peek at Santa's Secret List:

Unveiling the VIP Treatment at Lapland Liverpool

Imagine the look on your child's face when a luxurious scroll, addressed directly to them from Santa Claus, arrives at your home! Sealed with a festive wax seal, this personalised invitation is just the first hint of the VIP experience that awaits them at Lapland Liverpool.

Beyond the Velvet Rope:

Forget the hustle and bustle! As a VIP guest, your family will be whisked away from the arrival crowds and greeted by a Chief Elf. They'll escort you to a dedicated VIP area, a comfortable space to leave your belongings and unwind before embarking on your magical journey.

Front Row Seats to the Magic:

No more jockeying for position! With your VIP status, you'll be guaranteed premium seating for all the dazzling shows at Lapland Liverpool. Settle in for the best view in the house and experience the captivating Christmas performances up close.

Memories Made in Santa's Grotto:

Capture an extra special moment with Santa! Your VIP experience includes an additional printed souvenir photo from your visit to his enchanting grotto. This cherished memory will be a reminder of the day your family met Santa Claus himself.

A Festive Feast Awaits:

After your heartwarming encounter with Santa, you'll be invited back to the VIP area for a delightful spread of festive food and refreshments. Relax, refuel, and savor the delicious treats before venturing out to explore the rest of Lapland Liverpool.

Freedom to Explore:

Once you've enjoyed the VIP experiences' structured activities, including the Elf Academy, Mrs. Claus Kitchen the Elf Workshop plus your visit to Santa's grotto and your festive food, you'll have unrestricted access to all of Lapland Liverpool's attractions!

Glide across the skating rink, send a letter from the North Pole Post Office, and delve into all the other enchanting experiences this winter wonderland has to offer. (It's important to note that while outdoor attractions like the playground and Go Karts are available for free use with permitting weather, they are not considered part of the core Lapland Liverpool Experience.)

The Gift of Unforgettable Memories:

The VIP experience at Lapland Liverpool isn't just about skipping queues and getting the best seats. It's about creating unforgettable memories for your entire family. It's about feeling like special guests at the North Pole, surrounded by festive cheer and experiencing the magic of Christmas in a whole new way.

Ready to sprinkle some extra VIP sparkle on your Lapland Liverpool visit? Upgrade your package today and prepare for a Christmas extravaganza unlike any other! Receive all of the benefits above plus a Lapland Liverpool Goodie Bag for each child on arrival and more surprises on the day for just £50 per person, all members of party must be upgraded.

P.S. Looking for an extra layer of festive fun, the icing on the gingerbread? Consider adding a personal Elf Guide (VIP Host) to your package for an additional £200 (catering to groups of up to 6 guests). This dedicated elf will become your family's personal concierge, ensuring an experience filled with wonder and joy.

Ready to book the Ultimate Family Christmas Adventure? Contact our VIP booking team and they'll make booking as easy as building a snowman in the North pole.


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